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Download the latest release here: Latest Release

Current requirements:

  • Octoprint instances
  • CORS activated on your octoprint instances - Settings -> API (Tick Aloow Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS))
  • Web Server(nginx, apache2, lighttpd) or a web browser to open the index.html.

If using this by opening the index.html in a browser please use of the in the releases page.

Lofty Goals

Once Octoprint has been setup and instance connected to OctoFarm, remove the need to actually access the interface again.

Links here:


Due to this been my personal repo and not public if you would like to log an issue then please email: and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please email to be added to changelog updates as well until I can sort out a mailing list. There is also a discord channel above to log them too.


This project is one I do in my spare time around a normal 9-5 job. If you like my work consider making a donation, or signing up to my patreon page to buy me a steak to fuel my coding adventures.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Derek from 3D Printed Debris - Massive big thank you! Has helped me to no end with bug reporting and donated money and time towards the project. Seriously can't thank him enough he keeps supporting me and giving me ideas thoughout the build!
  • Ding from Precision 3D Printing - My first Patreon! Has also contributed bug reports, especially on smaller screen sizes. Big thanks!
  • [Diyengineer] - My second Patron!, so a great big thanks for your support!
  • Kyle Menigoz from High Fly Designs - My 3rd Patron and also hangs around the discord helping people out. Big thanks to you dude!
  • [Patrick Nixon] - 4th Patreon, so a great big thanks for your support!

Projects used:

Screenshots - Version 1.0+

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